If you’ve gotten so far, then we’ve picked your interest. Hold on, it’s about to get better! Welcome to the story of how and why we decided to start this project.




You know our names, our passions, our areas of expertise; but dare you know more?!




We’re both bread in Bistrița –  small town in the land of vampires and Dracula; approach with care!


We’ve then separately lived in various places around Romania and Europe: Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Nantes – France, Lisbon – Portugal, thus revealing a love for travel and thirst for seeing and knowing, for adventure and diversity and  for an intercultural environment.

colaj1colaj 2

We’re currently living the high life in Cluj-Napoca and exploring Europe. We’re dreaming of Cuba and Japan and hopefully we’ll make it there soon!

We decided to start this project because of passion, talent, boredom, ambition, take your pick. Stay tuned if you wanna find out what’s going on in the world, we’ll have frequent travel blogs, check out the gallery if you wanna see our work, contact us if you want to find out more about what we do and how we can help you!

That’d be all for now folks,

Diana & Roga out!


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