Ready or not

Ready or not, here I come

Where you at? The night is young.

Had to start the post with these lyrics from Bridgit Mendler’s song, as I kept hearing them on and on, in my head, for the last week. Every single time I took a look at Roga’s amazingly long ‘To Do’ list for our upcoming vacation. If you think you can just go on vacation without serious beforehand preparation, well… think again.

We had to buy our brand new hiking backpacks (that’s right, didn’t own any unfortunately), had to look for accommodation in 3 different cities all in 3 different countries, had to book bus or train tickets, occasionally Blablacar rides, had to look for stuff to do, had to look for movies to watch on the road (no worries GoT fans, the new season is on the tablet, ready to be watched), had to print all the tickets, had to prepare all technical gear to spam social media with amazing photos when we get back, we had to, we had to, we had to… Feel like you’ve aged a year or two? Haha, I’m the same, I’m the same and the week is not over yet – we leave on Friday night, it’s Thursday evening and I haven’t packed anything yet – Roga’s still blissfully unaware of that, so let’s just keep it between us. *wink, wink*

On the bright side, even if we’ve super worked to plan this trip through the Balkans, we’re completely excited to go and see, explore, capture memories and experience the local culture. Hmm, that’s right, we’re going to the Balkan countries, but I haven’t mentioned which.  Read till the end to find out ^_^

A completely obvious tip when planning a trip on your own through multiple locations is to book your buses, trains, cars, etc. before looking for accommodation. Hostels are a cheap and hipster type of accommodation if you’re on a budget, but if you’re staying longer also try Airbnb or HouseTrip, as you might find the same prices. Google the best views of every place you go, you won’t be disappointing. Most importantly, have fun while planning your vacation, enjoy every moment of it and don’t stress out about the #preparationphase – like I’m doing. *busted*


Well, #Belgrade, #Zagreb, #Zadar and #Budapest ready or not, here WE come! *heart*


That’s all folks, we’ll be back with photos, updates, most Instagramable places and much more when we get back. See us on social media till then.

Diana out


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