Serbian adventures

Zdravo Srbija!

Long time no post. But we’re back with goodies from our amazing one week trip through the Balkans. First stop was Serbia’s capital, Belgrade.

Much like the rest of the Eastern European countries, Serbia is a hidden gem, an unexplored beauty, offering you culture, food and beautiful sceneries – that is if you know what to visit. No worries, thank God we already did all the hard work for you, the exploring, the walking and the sightseeing.

We started out from Hostel Bongo, and walked down the Terazjie Street. And we walked, and walked, and walked some more, having the temple in our sight the whole time. While at first we believe we’ll have a 20 min. walk, it turned out it was more like 40. But we made it to our first star on Google Maps.

Belg P 1-2

Temple of St. Sava – located on the Vračar plateau, is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world.

The place was impressive and I would have expected a sea of tourist. Instead we found a few locals taking their Saturday walk – peaceful, quiet, perfect for a relaxing, non-touristic afternoon in a foreign country.Belg P 4-2

Next star on our offline Google Map was Museum of Yugoslavia. What we though would be yet another short-ish walk turned in to a one hour walk. However, when we got top-hill, it was all worth it.

Museum’s great, and in the ticket price you have the history museum, the gardens included and last, but not least, the House of Flowers, or Tito’s Mausoleum. If you’re a history aficionado then the trip there will definitely be worth it. If you’re a student, even better, as they have student discounted prices – even though that ship has sail for us #sosad. Best thing about the visit there was a guard, with whom we talked about old-school cameras, photography and Iosip Broz Tito.

Belg P 3-2

Time flies when you’re enjoying it, so be careful, ’cause the musem and the grounds are open only until 20:00. Another useful tip, so that you don’t walk your way down to the city center – there are bus stations just down the hill from the museum, ask the girl at the reception for the one taking you to Republic Square.

Dinner on our first night in Serbia HAD to be traditional. Luckily a hostel employee was kind enough to point up to THE BEST place in town where we could get a Ćevapi. Unpronounceable name, quiet & intimate, located on the pedestrian area surrounding Republic Square, you will find Ćevabdžinica Cica (dropping a like here). Piece of advice: never listen to Roga (you’ll figure it out in upcoming posts) and take the small, 200g portion. He insisted on the 400g one and we ended up with 400g of pure meat, plus ingredients – thus making it impossible to eat.

Belg P 7-2


First day ended up eating dinner on the coolest terrace in town – the hostel terrace – and listening to jazz from the club next door. Could not have wished for a better ending of an evening, or a post for that matter.



See you soon with #Day2 of our trip.

RAWision team out!




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