Me, Us & You

ME stands for ‘motivation’ and ‘enthusiasm’, OUR motivation and enthusiasm to start a project we’re both passionate about, to bring it from its RAW form, to something beautiful and artistic.

Who are we, you might wonder. Well, wonder no more, because here you have US:





Business administration graduate turned worldaholic and volunteer; people person, some know-how, more wow, Instagram and wine lover, passionate about communication and writing.





Licensed engineer, turned filmmaker, photographer and graphics passionate, manga reader, skateboard lover, arrogant, cook and gamer at heart.




#THISisUS – weird, crazy, passionate humans, trying to bring some beauty into this world.

2017-05-29 21.04.54

We’re waiting for YOU to love, like, follow, comment or contact us, if you think we can be of any help whatsoever.


Diana & Roga